Protein bars in self-experiment - I just couldn't...

Some are low-fat, others are vegan, some are gluten free, and others have a variety of flavors.

I'm reviewing a variety of protein bars so you can decide what you like best. Some have a very small calorie count, some have a high-calorie count, some are protein bars, some are nut bars, and some have chocolate chips, peanut butter, or other flavors. There are no restrictions for these bars, so you don't need a gym membership to purchase them. Some bars are low-carb, and some are high-carb. Most have a small amount of sugar. I recommend using a calorie calculator, but if you want to make this a quick purchase, use the calorie counts below.

I'm a nutritionist, but I also review health food products, and I review protein bars. I've tried most of the bars on the market, and I'm always surprised by what I find. I find them to be very nutritious, and they're easy to make and healthy to eat. Here's a quick list of protein bars I recommend:

The Ultimate Protein Bar - This is a great bar that has a very healthy and natural taste. You can purchase this in two flavors. I like the Cinnamon and Chocolate flavors.

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